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Pyari Kumaran
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


Flutter probably is the last tech that I might learn outside data science.

I do not know how to fully express my urge to learn mobile applications development. I first put my hands on mobile applications development using a technology called Adobe AIR. It was for a an old client of ours. The best client we had probably.

Picture from Adobe AIR days

Later I developed 3 apps as a hobby. It was also done as part of building my portfolio to showcase my tech & execution skills. Two of them were on native android and the last one was on Kotlin. All the three were deployed on Android alone. The fact that I am unable to develop for iOS was kind of making me feel handicapped. That is when I heard about flutter and when I was in Kerala once, the GDG community had announced an event on flutter and I decided to attend it. I had not installed flutter on my machine and could not get the best out of the event but I had decided that yes, I am definitely going to learn flutter. In 2020, my new year resolution was to learn flutter, but ended up learning Kotlin via the #30DaysofKotlin event.

Since the time the event #30DaysofKotlin got over, I was hoping for a #30DaysofFlutter event to happen and as usual, this event got announced when all my focus is on my new contract. I am not sure how much I can participate this time. But I am giving it my best. Last year, for the Kotlin event, there was a certificate, which they had promised if we submit an app and that was a drive to finish the event. Also, I had an app in mind which I wanted to do since a very long time. Somehow managed to push it. It can be downloaded from here. But, yeah, it is not a perfect one. Though I still love the concept.

I really want to redo the app in iOS and android and with a better UX and UI and hence learning flutter desperately along with this #30DaysofFlutter event.

I am a data engineer currently and needs to keep myself updated in this field. I have a new hobby. Dancing. I also have some plants in the vegetable garden. I badly wanted to feel my femininity more and hence these two new hobbies. I am also trying to walk daily to control my weight which is increasing steadily because I live with a foodie & have become a foodie too. Most importantly, my son’s stuffs are to be taken care of. In the mid of all these, I really do not know why I am unable to let go this opportunity to learn flutter as it is creating a huge mess in my mind and I am feeling like I have ADHD!

All I know is I can’t let go of this opportunity to learn or at least get a feel of flutter. I am on Day 8 and I haven’t progressed much. Just managed to get an installation of flutter. Brought up a hello world application. Ran through the cheat sheet on Dart. Started looking into the basics of widgets and layouts.

And I sit here fluttering and associating the word flutter with what I learnt during my civil/structural engineering days!



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